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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is eft. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, December 09, 199324 downNewt
NY Times, Saturday, August 13, 19949 downNewt
NY Times, Tuesday, September 06, 199456 downSmall lizard
One Up64 downCrimson crawler
NY Times, Mon, Oct 2, 199538 downSalamander
NY Times, Mon, Nov 20, 199523 across Immature salamander
NY Times, Wed, May 29, 199620 across Newt
So Big11 downLizard, old-style
NY Times, Tue, May 06, 199733 across Little newt
"Mixed Greens"16 downNewt
"Family Ties"103 across Lizard, old-style
NY Times, Fri, Sep 12, 199738 across Spotted amphibian
"Full-Scale Effort"19 downNewt
NY Times, Tue, Apr 28, 19981 downNewt
NY Times, Sat, Aug 15, 199834 downPond denizen
"More Than a Job"34 across Newt
NY Times, Wed, Apr 21, 199956 downNewt
NY Times, Wed, Dec 20, 200045 downNewt
WHERE IN WEBSTER'S?25 downEastern newt
NY Times, Sat, Jun 23, 200110 downYoung newt
NY Times, Thu, Jan 03, 200250 across Tiny wriggler
NY Times, Tue, Mar 26, 200249 across Newt
NY Times, Fri, May 03, 200230 downNewt, once
NY Times, Wed, Jan 01, 200350 downYoung newt
NY Times, Mon, Aug 18, 200330 downEastern newt
NY Times, Wed, Dec 17, 200331 across Newt-born?
NY Times, Fri, Nov 12, 200428 downPond dweller
NY Times, Wed, Jan 05, 200543 across Young newt
WHAT A PICTURE IS WORTH94 across Terrarium youngster
NY Times, Sat, Apr 02, 200544 across Lizard, old-style
NY Times, Sat, Nov 12, 200560 across Little wriggler
NY Times, Wed, Jul 12, 200636 downYoung newt
LOVE IS ALL AROUND124 downImmature newt
NY Times, Wed, Jul 04, 200710 downPond denizen
YULE OUTSOURCING71 across Young amphibian
NY Times, Fri, Dec 28, 200755 downRed ___ (young amphibian)
CHAIN REACTION69 across Young newt
NY Times, Sat, Jul 19, 200827 across Mature tadpole, of a sort
NY Times, Sat, Nov 22, 20087 downBog youngster
MAKING ENDS MEET35 downLittle newt
UP STARTS66 downYoung newt
WUNDERBAR!117 downLittle amphibian

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