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Crossword clues for the answer 'tail'

Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is tail. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tuesday, Nov 23, 19931 downShadow
All Grown Up (Jan 9, 1994)51 downBedog
Altogether Now65 across Dog, in a way
NY Times, Friday, April 01, 199423 across Kind of fin
NY Times, Wednesday, April 20, 199440 downFollow
NY Times, Thursday, November 17, 199412 downFollow
NY Times, Tue, Feb 14, 199565 across Follow
NY Times, Tue, Sep 19, 199548 across Waggin' part
NY Times, Wed, Oct 18, 199569 across Shadow
Appropiately Put125 across Manx's lack
Round Robin19 across Flyswatter, of a sort
NY Times, Mon, Feb 26, 199666 across Follow
NY Times, Mon, Aug 26, 199611 downHead's opposite
NY Times, Thu, Sept 05, 199624 across Shadow
NY Times, Tue, Jun 10, 199718 downParty game pin-on
NY Times, Tue, Aug 19, 199726 downPeacock's pride
NY Times, Mon, Sep 08, 199738 downMermaid feature
NY Times, Thu, Dec 11, 199748 downShadow
NY Times, Wed, Mar 11, 199815 across Cow's flyswatter
NY Times, Thu, Sep 10, 199842 downDeer's scut
NY Times, Mon, Nov 16, 199840 downFollow closely
"That Woman"26 across Plane section
NY Times, Tue, Jul 20, 199937 across Shadow
NY Times, Wed, Jul 21, 199934 across Dinosaur's weapon
NY Times, Thu, Jul 29, 199910 across Lobster order
NY Times, Thu, Jul 20, 200021 across Shadow
NY Times, Tue, Sep 19, 200052 downFollow furtively
NY Times, Wed, Nov 22, 200066 across Lobster serving
SWITCHING SIDES96 across Surveil, in a way
NY Times, Mon, Dec 10, 200135 across Lobster part
NY Times, Tue, Jul 16, 200254 downFollow
HALLOWEENLAND ...52 across Detective, at times
NY Times, Tue, Nov 05, 200214 across Site of the 9-Across on an old nickel
NY Times, Thu, Nov 14, 200219 across It may be docked
NY Times, Sat, Sep 13, 20035 downDetective, at times
NY Times, Mon, Dec 29, 200323 across Peacock's pride
GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS112 across Shadow
CHICKEN LITTLE6 across Behind
NY Times, Mon, Mar 22, 200452 across Kite part
NY Times, Sat, May 29, 200436 downFinal portion
PACK OF 2062 across Mermaid feature
NY Times, Sat, Oct 09, 200449 downDetective, at times
NY Times, Wed, Oct 20, 200444 across Kite part
NY Times, Wed, Aug 31, 200534 across Investigator, at times
NY Times, Mon, Sep 05, 200536 across Comet feature
NY Times, Tue, Oct 25, 200541 downFollow closely
NY Times, Wed, Jan 18, 200611 downCaboose, e.g.
NY Times, Sat, Jun 24, 200639 across Shadow
NY Times, Thu, Jun 28, 200726 downDetective, at times
NY Times, Tue, Feb 12, 200851 downFollow, as a suspect
NY Times, Tue, Mar 18, 200855 across Follow closely
NY Times, Mon, Jun 02, 200854 downWhat a donkey gets at a children's party
Q & A SESSION99 across Shadow
NY Times, Mon, Sep 29, 200824 downHead's opposite
NY Times, Tue, Nov 18, 200832 downFollower, as in espionage
NY Times, Mon, Mar 02, 200950 across What you might catch a tiger by, in a saying
NY Times, Wed, Apr 22, 200938 downFollowing detective
E.U. DOINGS92 across Shadow
NY Times, Mon, Dec 07, 200941 across Peacock's distinctive feature
NY Times, Wed, Dec 16, 200951 downApt attachment to the ends of 30-, 37-, 59- and 62-Across
NY Times, Mon, Jan 03, 201160 downShowy peacock feature
NY Times, Thu, Apr 28, 201161 across Follow

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